The upper-class nasi campur

Nasi campur (translated: mixed rice) is a traditional indonesian dish, wich you can find in many warungs all over Bali. It is composed of various dishes like chicken/beef/tofu in diverse styles and vegetarian stews/currys. A variation of the classic nasi campur you can find at Kzu in Seminyak (Jalan Drupadi 2 No. 80). The presentation is like the classic one in a glass cabinet from wich you can pick your favorite dish creations and add withe or red rice. Beside the the local dishes there are also western ones like lasagna, chickpeas or croquettes. The Price is not salutary but still ok, around 50.000-70.000 rp. (3,00-4,50 €) and the food is very delicious.



I tried red rice with tofu curry, indonesian spinach, mixed vegetables and a chicken spit.



I also like the style of the interior, it is a little bit industrial on two floors and big window front to the green backyard. So if you want to try a different option for the classic nasi campur with a european impact, this is the right place for you.


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