Roti canai – Flatbread variations

Roti canai is an Indian-influenced kind of flatbread, which you can find in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. In Bali you can get it at small street stands or in restaurans. The classic one is filled with fried egg, but there are a lot of variations.


A great place for this traditional dish ist the Roti canai – Street kitchen and dining room on Jl Raya Batu Bolong. The fillings for roti reach from classical, like egg, onion, garlic or vegetables to western ones, for example tomato/mozzarella/basil. They also have sweet variants with chocolate, banana or sugar and cinnamon. Besides the flatbread there is also other local food on the menu such as nasi goreng (fried rice), curry or sate (spits with meat, tofu or vegetables served with peanut sauce).

I ordered the chicken curry, tempeh sate (tofu) with peanut sauce and hummus dip and roti stuffed with egg and cheese. All dishes were delicious, the presentation on the plate simple but nice to look at. The prices are very reasonable between 20.000 (1,30€) and 28.000 (1,80€) for a roti, 25.000-30.000 (1,70€-1,90€) for sate and 35.000 (2,20€) for the chicken curry. The interior of the dining room is beautiful, the furniture is a mix of old and new wood elements with a lot of pictures on the wall and decorative details all over the place. It is somewhat reminiscent of a living room, and you feel instantly at home.




This was the first roti I ate in Bali, but after this tasty first time I will try the ones from different sidewalk sales for sure.


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