Blueberry pancakes

A sweet sin for breakfast


For 2 People (8 pancakes):

150 g    flour
100 ml  milk
200 ml  yoghurt
2           tablespoons sugar
1           pack of baking powder
3           eggs
1           pinch of salt

Blueberry sauce

200 g   blueberries
30 ml   water
2          teaspoon cornstarch
50 g     sugar
1          vanilla bean

1. Give blueberries, water, sugar, vanilla mark (cut the bean into half and scrape out the mark with a knife) and starch in a saucepan and boil it up. Simmer for so long on a low heat until the blueberries burst and the liquid is slightly thickened. This takes about 10-15 minutes. In the end crush the blueberries a little bit with a fork. You can use the sauce hot or cold.

2. Beat the eggs into a foamy mass and mix milk and plain yogurt into a consistent mass. Afterwards put the flour, baking powder, milk mixture, salt and sugar gradually to the egg mass and continue stirring. You may add a little milk or water if the dough is too thick, but he should be viscous.

3. Heat the pan on medium heat, giving about a teaspoon of olive oil into it for every pancake and successively bake the whole batch of dough into pancakes. Make sure that the pan is not too hot, and the pancakes bake slowly.

4. Put 3-4 pancakes on a plate and douse them with the blueberry sauce. Enjoy your breakfast!


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