Indonesian street food – Martabak

martabak chocolate

Martabak is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia. The dish has its origins in Saudi Arabia (mutabbaq – folded), through traders from India it spread to many Asian countries, among others to Indonesia and Bali. There you can mainly buy it in the evening. It’s like a huge multilayer pancake, stuffed with different condiments such as chocolate, peanuts or/and cheese in the sweet variation or egg and meat in the savory variant.


2 thoughts on “Indonesian street food – Martabak”

  1. For me, murtabak is one of those street foods that shouldn’t be a street food. After three bites, I’m already stuffed, so there goes my constitutional for the day… namun, martabaknya sedap!

    1. That’s true; it’s very filling for a snack. Maybe that is the reason why they mostly sell it in the evening, when you eat a half one you have to “roll” back home. But it’s so yummy!

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