Barbacoa – Crazy for tapas

Barbacoa is a fantastic restaurant for tapas, cocktails and wine in Kerobokan on Jl. Petitenget. The service is excellent and the interior is a mixture of rustically and modern elements in a large hall with beautiful brick walls. They also have a terrace with a nice view on rice paddies. The menu for cocktails and wine is large, I ordered a passion fruit mojito, which was delicious and presented beautifully.


We have been there in a bigger group of people, one of the waiters asked us about our food preferences and aversions or allergies, so he can create a menu for us. We started with a chickpeas/cauliflower salad followed by little fish tacos with mango  and octopus with crispy polenta and chorizo.

chickpea salad

fish taco

octopus with polenta

As main courses we got grilled prawns, chorizo with red pepper jam, 8 hours wood fired pork and grilled rib eye steak with chimichurri (a tasty Argentine sauce made of oil and vinegar mixed with different herbs). Every single dish was very delicious, the quality of the food, especially of the seafood, was very good and from the presentation on the plates you could see all of them were made with passion.

grilled prawns


grilled pork

rib eye steak

I especially liked the octopus dish and the chickpeas salad, the octopus was very tender and the combination with crispy fried polenta, chorizo and paprika oil was amazing. The salad was composed of fried cauliflower, chickpeas, cumin, pine nuts and raisins. I will try to make this salad at home, for sure.
The prices are not cheap, but totally reasonable for the super quality and service you get. For the salad you pay 85.000 rp (5,40 €), for the tacos 35.000 rp (2,20 €) and 110.000 rp (6,90€) for the octopus dish. The grilled prawns and the chorizo you get for 125.000 rp (7,95 €) and 95.000 rp (6,00 €). The price for the pork and the steak is 250.000 rp (15,80 €) each.
Barbacoa is the best place for tapas I discovered in Bali so far. We had a great evening there, and will definitely come back again.

If you are searching for high quality meat and seafood, you should pay them a visit, you can book a table online on their website.


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