Sushi time – Seki Tei

Interior Seki Te

A very commendable sushi restaurant in Bali, is Seki Tei in Umalas on Jl. Bumbak . They offer an authentic Japanese atmosphere in a clean and modern design. An eye catcher is the entry, with a walking way of natural stones between bamboo walls. The waiters are attentive and friendly; the menu offers a large selection of sushi, sashimi and warm Japanese dishes.

We tried the miso soup, gyoza with pork, cucumber maki, california rolls, nigiri with japanese omlett and avocado-prawn rolls. The sushi was tasty, the seafood fresh and good quality. My favorites were the miso soup and the nigiri sushi with Japanese omelette, also the gyoza were very delicious and well seasoned. The presentation of the food was beautiful, on typical Japanese dining ware (which I would love to have at home).

Miso soup

Cucumber maki sushi

Pork Gyoza

Nigiri sushi with Japanese omlelette

The prices are totally reasonable, maki rolls (6 pcs) cost between 20.000rp and 30.000rp (1,30-1,90€), the california and avocado-prawn rolls 60.000rp (3,80€). The miso soup you get for 15.000rp (1,00€) and the gyoza for 30.000 (1,90€). In my opinion Seki Tei is a great place for Japanese food with a nice, relaxing atmosphere, if you are a sushi fan and stay in Canggu area, you may like this restaurant.


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