Bali Buda – Organic dining and shopping

Bali Buda hast several locations in Bali, because I live in Canggu I often visit the one in Kerobokan on Jl. Raya Anyar no. 24. It’s a mix of bakery, restaurant and organic shop where you can buy vegetables, cheese and essential things like rice, pasta or cereals, great pastry and have breakfast or a light meal. The articles are organic and chemical-free; they practice the principals of fair trade and recycle 90% of their produced waste. They also sell natural cosmetics, for hair and skin and essential oils. Sometimes I buy basic cooking ingredients like wheat, lentils, oil (in particular the virgin coconut oil, which is amazing!) or polenta; But the main reason for me to go to Bali Buda are the baked goods.

The bread is very tasty, with a good crust and lots of flavor; Also the muffins and croissants are delicious. My favorites in the whole shop are the cakes and cookies, especially the Chocolate truffles and the Coconut tart with passion fruit filling. I am also crazy for the peanut butter cookies (22.000rp; 1,40€) and coconut cookies (40.000rp; 2,50€) which they sell in packages with 10pcs. The truffles cost 10.000rp (0,60€) per piece and the coconut tart 12.000rp (0,75€).

chocolate truffle

coconut tart with passion fruit filling

For cookie and cake lovers this place is a paradise! It’s also a good possibility to have vegan meals and they offer a lot of gluten-, and wheat free alternatives on their menu.


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