Happy Easter – Olé Olé Ollie

Cupcakes, cookies and puppies

Getting in Easter mood in Bali is a little complicated. The weather is hot, you don’t experience spring time like in Europe with flowers starting to grow and landscape getting greener. The climate is also not really suitable for hiding chocolate easter eggs in the garden, so you have to go for something else. A short time ago I fortunately discovered a very nice little garden café, close to echo beach in Canggu, called Olé Olé Ollie.

Olé Olé Ollie garden café

They offer pancakes (which are very delicious and fluffy), coffee, tea, cold drinks and homemade water ice (with guava and mango flavor). But the best thing there, are the beautiful cupcakes and cookies.

Easter sweets-cupcakes and cookies

For Easter they have a “special edition” of cute cookies formed to bunnies, flowers and eggs. They don’t only look great, but taste very good. I bought a bunny/flower cookie mix (25.000rp; 1,60€)  and two cupcakes (20.000rp; 1,30€ each) today, one with vanilla and the other with blueberry flavor.

blueberry cupcake

vanilla cupcake

Sweet easter cookies

They look so beautiful that they are almost too good to eat, but I did it anyway. The consistency and flavor of the cupcakes where perfect; they contain whole berries and real vanilla. Another thing I have to mention is the adoption day for puppies, Olé Olé Ollie hosts every last Saturday of the month. In my opinion there is nothing better than cupcakes, cookies and cute little puppies in one place!

adoption day for puppies

If you are searching for cupcakes, or extraordinary cookies (they have a lot of different styles like Bintang bottles, flip flops or tops), just want to hang out at a beautiful location and drink coffee or maybe adopt a puppy, give this place a try.


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