Homegrown Veggies – Chili and pumpkin

I am a fan of spicy flavors, so chili is one of the ingredients I use in almost every dish. To cultivate it is actually pretty easy, especially if you live in a hot climate with a lot of sun. I decided to sow some seeds, and the results are great, they are growing like hell. If you want to have your own plant, just find a sunny place in your garden, remove the seeds from a ripe chili (should be red) and plant them 5 cm under the earth. Don’t forget to water them every day in the first 5 days until the seedling appears.

How to grow chili

chili plant

homegrown chili plant

Another plant which is growing good if it’s sunny and warm is pumpkin. If you are following my blog you have already seen a few recipes with pumpkin, I like the flavor, color and versatility of this vegetable very much, so I’m very happy that a big plant is growing in my garden. I didn’t realize it is a pumpkin plant until yesterday, when a brunch of it with a big fruit appeared in the palm over my pool. I think it only dropped off because of the weight of the pumpkin, which is already as big as my head. I’m exited how it will look in 3-4 weeks, the stalks are not dry jet so the fruits are not ripe but soon they will be and I’m looking forward to reap my first homegrown pumpkin.

homegrown pumpkin

homegrown pumpkin

I also planted spring onions today; I will keep you updated about their development, and about the surprise pumpkins of curse.


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