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Mulberry Mango smoothie

Mulberry mango smoothie

For 2 glasses

1        large ripe mango
50g    mulberries
400ml water
3-4     ice cubes

Optional 1 Tablespoon honey, a pinch of vanilla

1. Peel mango and cut in pieces around the hard inner part; clean the mulberries under running water and put asinde. Give mango pieces in a blender with 300ml water and blend for 1-2 minutes until creamy. Fill in glasses and clean the blender shortly under running water.

2. Add the mulberries in the blender with the remaining water, ice cubes and optional honey and valilla (sometimes they are a bit sour…). Blend for 1-2 minutes until it looks smooth, then slowly add in your smoothie glasses with the mango part. To get a few swirls of mulberry in your smoothie use a fork or eating stick and mix carefully.

The colors in that drink look so amazing, it’s like sunset in a glass; also a great smoothie for Kids.

Mulberry mango smoothie

Mulberry mango smoothie


Mango Smoothie

Mango smoothie

For 2 glasses

1-2  ripe mangos

300ml water

3-4 icecubes

1    pinch of vanilla

1. Peel mangos and cut the flesh in pieces; give them into the blender together with the other ingredients. Blend for 2 minutes until the consistence is creamy and smooth.
2. Enjoy!

It is maybe one of the simplest smoothie recipes in the world, but also one of my favorites. A ripe mango just has an amazing flavor, and it makes me truly happy that the season in Bali just started again…

Mango smoothie

Mango smoothie

Mango- passion fruit smoothie

Mango- passion fruit smoothie withn curcuma and vanilla

For 2 glasses

2        mangos ( have to be very ripe)
300 ml water
1       pinch of curcuma
1       pinch of vanilla
2       passion fruits
4      ice cubes

Purre all ingredients in a blender for 1-2 minutes, exept for 1 passion fruit (you need one half per glass as topping). If the smoothie is creamy, fill in glasses and ganish with passion fruit. Its easier to drink if you scamble them a little bit befor giving on top of the smoothie. Enjoy!

Mango passion fruit smoothie

Mango passion fruit smoothie

Banana-coconut milkshake

Banana coconut milkshake

For 2 glasses

3            ripe small bananas* (or 1 large banana)
1            tablespoon desiccated coconut
1           tablespoon honey
1           pinch of cinnamon
100ml milk
150ml water
100ml coconut milk

Puree all ingredients in a blender together with 2-3 ice cubes for about 1 minute. Tastes best if it’s very cold, enjoy!

* Here in Bali you can buy the “original” small bananas everywhere; I love to use this kind of banana because it has a very special and sweet taste. In western countries you can also get them in big supermarkets as “baby-bananas”. But if you can’t find them, the shake tastes also great with a normal banana, it just has to be very ripe.

Pineapple – mangosteen smoothie

Pineapple-mangosteen smoothie

For 2 glasses

1      small pineapple (the asian ones, otherwise 1/2 big one)
1      banana
4      mangosteen
1      piece of ginger (as big as you like)
1      pinch of curcuma
200ml water

Cut pineapple and banana in pieces; remove the capsule from the mangosteens. Puree all ingredients in a blender with 2-3 ice cubes for 1-2 minutes. Enjoy!

This is a very healthy smoothie, the enzymes from the pineapple, a lot of vitamin c and other antioxidants from the super fruit mangosteen plus ginger and curcuma, with their anti-inflammatory effects, this mix is a great boost for your immune system.

Smoothie with pineapple and mangosteen

Guava Lassi

guava lassi

For 2 glasses
3        guavas
1/8   watermelon
1        tablespoon honey
100  ml water
50g  plain yogurt

For this smoothie it’s better to use a blender with integrated filter, because guavas have a lot of very hard seeds. You can also try to remove the seeds with a small fork, but it will take a while. If you use a blender with filter, just puree all ingredients for 1-2 minutes.

I’m very happy about the fact that the season for guavas just started in Bali. I just love this fruit,it has a delicious taste and is very healthy. I just had to give this superfruit it’s own post.