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Barbacoa – Crazy for tapas

Barbacoa is a fantastic restaurant for tapas, cocktails and wine in Kerobokan on Jl. Petitenget. The service is excellent and the interior is a mixture of rustically and modern elements in a large hall with beautiful brick walls. They also have a terrace with a nice view on rice paddies. The menu for cocktails and wine is large, I ordered a passion fruit mojito, which was delicious and presented beautifully.


We have been there in a bigger group of people, one of the waiters asked us about our food preferences and aversions or allergies, so he can create a menu for us. We started with a chickpeas/cauliflower salad followed by little fish tacos with mango  and octopus with crispy polenta and chorizo.

chickpea salad

fish taco

octopus with polenta

As main courses we got grilled prawns, chorizo with red pepper jam, 8 hours wood fired pork and grilled rib eye steak with chimichurri (a tasty Argentine sauce made of oil and vinegar mixed with different herbs). Every single dish was very delicious, the quality of the food, especially of the seafood, was very good and from the presentation on the plates you could see all of them were made with passion.

grilled prawns


grilled pork

rib eye steak

I especially liked the octopus dish and the chickpeas salad, the octopus was very tender and the combination with crispy fried polenta, chorizo and paprika oil was amazing. The salad was composed of fried cauliflower, chickpeas, cumin, pine nuts and raisins. I will try to make this salad at home, for sure.
The prices are not cheap, but totally reasonable for the super quality and service you get. For the salad you pay 85.000 rp (5,40 €), for the tacos 35.000 rp (2,20 €) and 110.000 rp (6,90€) for the octopus dish. The grilled prawns and the chorizo you get for 125.000 rp (7,95 €) and 95.000 rp (6,00 €). The price for the pork and the steak is 250.000 rp (15,80 €) each.
Barbacoa is the best place for tapas I discovered in Bali so far. We had a great evening there, and will definitely come back again.

If you are searching for high quality meat and seafood, you should pay them a visit, you can book a table online on their website.


Brunch buffet at Casa D’Angelo’s


If you are German and live in Bali, you are always searching for good bread. Finally we found a very good bakery, not too far from Changgu. Casa D’Angelo’s offers coffee and pastry and is located on Jalan Gunung Salak Utara in Denpasar. On Saturday and Sunday they have a fantastic breakfast and brunch buffet from 8 am to 1 pm. The assortment of bread, salads and pastries is large, there is something for every taste. The Location is small but comfy, they have 3 tables inside and 6 outside in the covered area. If you arrive on midday the terrace is very hot, it’s better to get a place inside. You realize that you are in a bakery when you are sitting inside, the racks are filled with all kind of pastries like cookies, grissini, muffins or doughnuts. You can also buy homemade jam, olive oil or salsa sauce.



From the buffet I decided for Turkish pizza, stuffed egg, cucumber salad, cottage cheese and a cheese and spinach muffin. Everything was tasty and fresh, and the best thing is you can eat as much as you want and pay only 40.000 rp (2,50€). I especially liked the Turkish pizza with red cabbage and garlic yoghurt and the spicy muffin. We also bought bread and cakes to take home, the county style bread and chocolate cake which both were very yummy. The bread is still crunchy after 2 days, which is not easy in the high humidity on Bali, and the cake was chocolaty and delicious with a few nuts and raisins inside.



In my opinion, for breakfast on weekend, this place is one of the best options in the Denpasar area.

Café Bali

Maybe the best steak on the island

Cafe Bali

Café Bali  on Jalan Laksamana Basangkasa in Seminyak is one of my favorite restaurants in Bali. The interior is very individual and special, they have an indoor pool and a lot of different decorative elements all over the place, I especially like the lamps and different mirrors. The atmosphere is very cozy, you feel like you are sitting in a big beautiful living room of an old colonial style house. The staff is great, the waiters are very attentive, cheerful and friendly. Of course the most important thing in a restaurant is the food, which is amazing! They have a clearly arranged menu with some asian dishes and western food, from fish and steak to pasta and risotto. My favorite dishes are the caesar salad as an appetizer and  the tenderloin steak with mashed potatoes on the side (you can choose from french fries, mashed potatoes and creamy spinach) and sauce béarnaise (the second choice is black pepper sauce) as the main course.

ceasars salad

steak big

The best dessert in my opinion is the sweet delight, a selection of 4 different dishes, lemon tarte, chocolate mousse, brownie and crème brûlée. With the sweet delight you get a little bit of everything and don’t have to make the difficult choice between all the yummy sweets on the menu.

sweet delight

The steak is available in 2 sizes, small (150g) and large (200g). The presentation on the plate is simple but pleasant, the ingredients of good quality and the taste is just great. They have also a good variety of wines, which you find rarely in Bali. The prices are very moderate for the quality and service you get. A large steak costs 92.000 rp (5,80€) a small one 78.000 rp (4,80€). The caesar salad you get for 63,000 rp (4,00€) and the dessert variation for one person for 35.000 rp (2,20€). Alcohol is expensive in Indonesia, especially the imported stuff, like wine or vodka. The price for a bottle of wine of the day is 350.000 rp (22,00€).

In my opinion Café Bali is one of the best restaurants on the island, if you are in Seminyak you should pay them a visit.

Coffee Time

The best coffee flavor in Canggu

Even though Indonesia cultivates some of the best coffee sorts in the world, the most popular with the locals is the instant one, where sugar and milkpowder are already mixed inside. But fortunately the good coffee culture, that we are used to, is arriving slow and steady also here in Indonesia. That’s why you can find more and more “real” coffee houses in Bali.

One of my favorite restaurants for coffee and breakfast is the Hungry Bird in Canggu, Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa no. 33. The location is small and cozy, held in turquoise and white with retro bird decorations. They offer different kinds of beans (java, sumatra, bali, flores) roasted in their own bean roaster, freshly ground and prepared with a great classical espresso machine.

hungry birds

The choice of coffee drinks is large, you can order cappuccino, latte macchiato, long black, flat white and a lot more. Usually my coffee of choice is cortado (ratio between milk and coffee 1:1). The presentation of the hot drinks is beautiful, the barista is always creative with his coffee art. I also like the extraordinary dinnerware in a mix of painted wood and porcelain.

Cortado coffee at Hungry Bird



Besides the great coffee, the Hungry Bird offers also tasty dishes for breakfast and lunch. My favourites are the chicken sandwich (shredded chicken/salad/tomato/celery) and the oatmeal with coconut milk and fresh fruits (you can choose between milk, coconut milk and soy milk). They also have delicious juices and lemonades made from seasonal fruits. The prices are relatively low, compared to other breakfast restaurants with the same quality. The hot drinks are around 18.000 rp (1,20 €), juices 15.000 rp (1,00€) and the breakfast and lunch dishes between 15.000 rp and 35.000 rp (1,00€ -2,50€). The Hungry Bird is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week but on Sundays, where it is closed.



The upper-class nasi campur

Nasi campur (translated: mixed rice) is a traditional indonesian dish, wich you can find in many warungs all over Bali. It is composed of various dishes like chicken/beef/tofu in diverse styles and vegetarian stews/currys. A variation of the classic nasi campur you can find at Kzu in Seminyak (Jalan Drupadi 2 No. 80). The presentation is like the classic one in a glass cabinet from wich you can pick your favorite dish creations and add withe or red rice. Beside the the local dishes there are also western ones like lasagna, chickpeas or croquettes. The Price is not salutary but still ok, around 50.000-70.000 rp. (3,00-4,50 €) and the food is very delicious.



I tried red rice with tofu curry, indonesian spinach, mixed vegetables and a chicken spit.



I also like the style of the interior, it is a little bit industrial on two floors and big window front to the green backyard. So if you want to try a different option for the classic nasi campur with a european impact, this is the right place for you.