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Lost & Found – Breakfast time in Canggu

Lost&Found in Canggu

This week I tried one of the many newly opened restaurants in Canggu. Lost&Found is open for breakfast and lunch and has a nice selection of breakfast/brunch sets and fresh juices and smoothies. The design of the restaurant is very cute and cozy in bright colors mixed with wood. They have a lot of creative furniture, like a table with an old coffee maker instead of a stand. The whole inside area is very bright and offers a great atmosphere for breakfast. As they are directly on Jl. Subak Sari next to Canggu Club they don’t have an outside area.

furniture at Lost&Found in Canggu

We went there for a late breakfast, so everyone was very hungry when we arrived. We ordered the sunshinebrekkie, the oriental breakfast and the hungry surfer breakfast and I got a fresh juice (beetroot/orange) on top. The service was attentive and very friendly and the food arrived quickly after ordering. I especially liked the oriental breakfast eggs, baked in an oven dish with spicy sausage and yogurt sauce on top, served with herbal baguette slices.


Oriental breakfast

The sunshine breakfast is a combination of fruit salad with yogurt and honey, a croissant and coffee and juice (you can choose any coffee and from the 2 juices of the day, in our case watermelon or honeydew). The combination for hungry surfers contains 2 eggs (as you like them), 1 fried potato patty, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, bacon and 1 sausage and toast plus coffee and juice. The prices are very reasonable; we paid 65.000rp (4,30 €) for the hungry surfer breakfast, 40.000rp (2,60 €) for the oriental eggs and 35.000rp (2,50 €) for the sunny breakfast.

Hungry surfer breakfast


In my opinion Lost & Found is a great new place for breakfast to try in the Canggu area; next time I go there I’ll try the smoothies.


Coffee time at Anomali, Seminyak

Lately it’s getting much easier to find good coffee shops in Bali, a fact that makes my coffee addicted heart truly happy. After a shopping tour in Seminyak, me and my girlfriends went to Anomali, a Jakarta based coffee house chain in Oberoi.

Anomali coffeeTo my great delight they use Indonesian coffee beans only, in my opinion the best in the world.
They offer the sorts Jawa, Toraja, Bali Kintamani, Papua Wamena and a few more what in combination with high quality grinders and coffee machines leads to a delicious cup of the brown gold. You can choose from the classics (Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato…) in hot or iced or ad flavored syrup. They also offer a large selection of tarts and cookies to enjoy with your drink.
The interior of the shop is very special with an industrial charm. What looks like an old factory hall with concrete walls offers many cozy corners to sit and a lot of little details to look at. The mix of concrete, natural fabrics, wood and art creates a special and creative ambience that I really enjoyed.

Anomali coffee shop

Anomali coffee shop in Seminyak, Bali.

Anomali coffee shop in Seminyak, Bali.

I ordered a large iced Cappuccino for drink and the lemon tart. The coffee was very aromatic and delicious with a very intense flavor. The lemon tart was a bit too sweet for my taste, but for the coffee I’ll be back for sure.

Iced Cappuccino and lemon tart at Anomali café in Seminyak, Bali

If you’re looking for a coffee place that’s not Starbuck’s but offers tasty coffee and a nice atmosphere you may like Anomali and should give it a try. For info about coffee beans and machines you can visit their website, they also offer coffee classes on different levels.

Ladies Brunch at Sisterfields, Seminyak

Last week I discovered a great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch in Seminyak. Sisterfields is a beautiful boutique café with a clean and modern design in the heart of Seminyak, close to the Seminyak square. The use of many glass elements mixed with metal and light colors create a bright atmosphere. In the back they have a lovely patio with an industrial charm surrounded by climbing plants on concrete walls.

I went there with 2 of my girlfriends to have brunch, coffee and a lady chat. Although it was very busy you could have a good time and chat with normal voices (I hate it when it’s too loud to have a normal conversation).

We ordered cappuccino and a fresh juice each for drink, I went for the one with beetroot, carrot, tangerine and lime. The juice was amazing, you could taste it’s freshly pressed and the glasses are quite large (so the price of 40.000rp is not SO bad). The coffee was also very good, I was especially amazed about their tableware, from one of my favorite shops Kevala home. For food we ordered Eggs Benedict, French toast and the smoked salmon sliders (plus extra spinach and avocado/feta to share). The eggs benedict were classical; the sauce hollandaise very delicious. The french toast was a variation with brioche and just amazing! It was served with caramelized banana, walnuts, banana ice cream and maple syrup and although I’m not a big fan of bananas I really loved this dish. The smoked salmon sliders were served on small burger breads with scrambled egg and salsa verde, together with the extra portion avocado and feta they were very delicious. All dishes were arranged beautifully on minimalistic plates or wooden boards.

eggs benedict

smoked salmon sliders


We had a great morning, with very good food and still reasonable prices. The coffee costs 30.000rp and we paid 60.000rp for the eggs benedict and 65.000rp for the salmon sliders and french toast.

Unfortunately I left my camera at home and had to use my phone, so I didn’t capture the location and furniture, but you can get an impression on their website (wich is very nice) until I go there again. If you like modern design and classic dishes with a little twist you could like Sisterfields. We will come back for sure!

Happy Easter – Olé Olé Ollie

Cupcakes, cookies and puppies

Getting in Easter mood in Bali is a little complicated. The weather is hot, you don’t experience spring time like in Europe with flowers starting to grow and landscape getting greener. The climate is also not really suitable for hiding chocolate easter eggs in the garden, so you have to go for something else. A short time ago I fortunately discovered a very nice little garden café, close to echo beach in Canggu, called Olé Olé Ollie.

Olé Olé Ollie garden café

They offer pancakes (which are very delicious and fluffy), coffee, tea, cold drinks and homemade water ice (with guava and mango flavor). But the best thing there, are the beautiful cupcakes and cookies.

Easter sweets-cupcakes and cookies

For Easter they have a “special edition” of cute cookies formed to bunnies, flowers and eggs. They don’t only look great, but taste very good. I bought a bunny/flower cookie mix (25.000rp; 1,60€)  and two cupcakes (20.000rp; 1,30€ each) today, one with vanilla and the other with blueberry flavor.

blueberry cupcake

vanilla cupcake

Sweet easter cookies

They look so beautiful that they are almost too good to eat, but I did it anyway. The consistency and flavor of the cupcakes where perfect; they contain whole berries and real vanilla. Another thing I have to mention is the adoption day for puppies, Olé Olé Ollie hosts every last Saturday of the month. In my opinion there is nothing better than cupcakes, cookies and cute little puppies in one place!

adoption day for puppies

If you are searching for cupcakes, or extraordinary cookies (they have a lot of different styles like Bintang bottles, flip flops or tops), just want to hang out at a beautiful location and drink coffee or maybe adopt a puppy, give this place a try.

Brunch buffet at Casa D’Angelo’s


If you are German and live in Bali, you are always searching for good bread. Finally we found a very good bakery, not too far from Changgu. Casa D’Angelo’s offers coffee and pastry and is located on Jalan Gunung Salak Utara in Denpasar. On Saturday and Sunday they have a fantastic breakfast and brunch buffet from 8 am to 1 pm. The assortment of bread, salads and pastries is large, there is something for every taste. The Location is small but comfy, they have 3 tables inside and 6 outside in the covered area. If you arrive on midday the terrace is very hot, it’s better to get a place inside. You realize that you are in a bakery when you are sitting inside, the racks are filled with all kind of pastries like cookies, grissini, muffins or doughnuts. You can also buy homemade jam, olive oil or salsa sauce.



From the buffet I decided for Turkish pizza, stuffed egg, cucumber salad, cottage cheese and a cheese and spinach muffin. Everything was tasty and fresh, and the best thing is you can eat as much as you want and pay only 40.000 rp (2,50€). I especially liked the Turkish pizza with red cabbage and garlic yoghurt and the spicy muffin. We also bought bread and cakes to take home, the county style bread and chocolate cake which both were very yummy. The bread is still crunchy after 2 days, which is not easy in the high humidity on Bali, and the cake was chocolaty and delicious with a few nuts and raisins inside.



In my opinion, for breakfast on weekend, this place is one of the best options in the Denpasar area.

Coffee Time

The best coffee flavor in Canggu

Even though Indonesia cultivates some of the best coffee sorts in the world, the most popular with the locals is the instant one, where sugar and milkpowder are already mixed inside. But fortunately the good coffee culture, that we are used to, is arriving slow and steady also here in Indonesia. That’s why you can find more and more “real” coffee houses in Bali.

One of my favorite restaurants for coffee and breakfast is the Hungry Bird in Canggu, Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa no. 33. The location is small and cozy, held in turquoise and white with retro bird decorations. They offer different kinds of beans (java, sumatra, bali, flores) roasted in their own bean roaster, freshly ground and prepared with a great classical espresso machine.

hungry birds

The choice of coffee drinks is large, you can order cappuccino, latte macchiato, long black, flat white and a lot more. Usually my coffee of choice is cortado (ratio between milk and coffee 1:1). The presentation of the hot drinks is beautiful, the barista is always creative with his coffee art. I also like the extraordinary dinnerware in a mix of painted wood and porcelain.

Cortado coffee at Hungry Bird



Besides the great coffee, the Hungry Bird offers also tasty dishes for breakfast and lunch. My favourites are the chicken sandwich (shredded chicken/salad/tomato/celery) and the oatmeal with coconut milk and fresh fruits (you can choose between milk, coconut milk and soy milk). They also have delicious juices and lemonades made from seasonal fruits. The prices are relatively low, compared to other breakfast restaurants with the same quality. The hot drinks are around 18.000 rp (1,20 €), juices 15.000 rp (1,00€) and the breakfast and lunch dishes between 15.000 rp and 35.000 rp (1,00€ -2,50€). The Hungry Bird is open from 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week but on Sundays, where it is closed.