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La Casetta

A truly Italian pleasure


La Casetta is in the middle of rice paddies in Umalas on Jl. Bumbak. The restaurant has a big a covered terrace with an open transition to the inner area, all in an extraordinary style. The furniture is made of wood and very colorful, there are a lot of decorative elements like pillows and paintings all over the place. I especially like the beautiful wallpapers in different designs and the colorful place mats. The food is very delicious, and tastes authentic Italian. Like in Italy you get focaccia with rosemary and grissini before you order.


The menu is very large, so the choice is not easy, they have a small selection of the house specials. We decided on insalata di mare (seafood salad) and antipastina di polpo e patate (marinated octopus and potatoes) as starter, ciriole al polpo (pasta with octopus) and pappadelle al ragu’ (pasta with meat sauce) as main course and crostata con marmellata di frutta (cake with fruit jam) as dessert. All the dishes are very well seasoned and the ingredients are fresh and tasty. Particularly noteworthy is the high quality of the seafood, which is no implicitness in Bali. It was the first time I tried ciriole, it reminded me of a kind of German noodles (Schupfnudeln) which are made of potatoes, flour and eggs, but I definitely prefer the firmer consistency of ciriole.






The pasta is homemade and tastes great, they have a big variety, not only the famous ones like penne or spaghetti. You can find gnocci, orecchiette (formed like little ears), bucatini (like thick spaghetti) or cappelletti (filled pasta formed like a semi circle) and many more. Some of the pasta stuffing is fancy, like grouper fish or rocket salad and cheese. The prices are reasonable for the high quality of the food, we paid 50.000 rp (3,10€) for the octopus antipasti, 65.000 rp (4,10€) for the seafood salad and the pasta dishes and 30.000 rp (1,90€) for the cake. They also have a assortment of Italian, Australian and Chilean wines for 250.000-400.000 rp (16,00-25,00€) per bottle.

If you are a fan of Italian food, you should definitely give La Casetta a try!


Café Bali

Maybe the best steak on the island

Cafe Bali

Café Bali  on Jalan Laksamana Basangkasa in Seminyak is one of my favorite restaurants in Bali. The interior is very individual and special, they have an indoor pool and a lot of different decorative elements all over the place, I especially like the lamps and different mirrors. The atmosphere is very cozy, you feel like you are sitting in a big beautiful living room of an old colonial style house. The staff is great, the waiters are very attentive, cheerful and friendly. Of course the most important thing in a restaurant is the food, which is amazing! They have a clearly arranged menu with some asian dishes and western food, from fish and steak to pasta and risotto. My favorite dishes are the caesar salad as an appetizer and  the tenderloin steak with mashed potatoes on the side (you can choose from french fries, mashed potatoes and creamy spinach) and sauce béarnaise (the second choice is black pepper sauce) as the main course.

ceasars salad

steak big

The best dessert in my opinion is the sweet delight, a selection of 4 different dishes, lemon tarte, chocolate mousse, brownie and crème brûlée. With the sweet delight you get a little bit of everything and don’t have to make the difficult choice between all the yummy sweets on the menu.

sweet delight

The steak is available in 2 sizes, small (150g) and large (200g). The presentation on the plate is simple but pleasant, the ingredients of good quality and the taste is just great. They have also a good variety of wines, which you find rarely in Bali. The prices are very moderate for the quality and service you get. A large steak costs 92.000 rp (5,80€) a small one 78.000 rp (4,80€). The caesar salad you get for 63,000 rp (4,00€) and the dessert variation for one person for 35.000 rp (2,20€). Alcohol is expensive in Indonesia, especially the imported stuff, like wine or vodka. The price for a bottle of wine of the day is 350.000 rp (22,00€).

In my opinion Café Bali is one of the best restaurants on the island, if you are in Seminyak you should pay them a visit.

Searching for the perfect pizza

Finding a good pizza for a reasonable price is hard in Bali. There are a lot of places where you can eat for european prices, but compared with the cost for local food that’s just too much. I tried many different restaurats and in my opinion the best “pizza place” in Canggu, when considering the price-performance ratio, is the Pizza House.

The location is on Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan close to Echo beach and very nice and inviting. They have a huge garden with a lot of trees, a smaller covered area and a bar to drink cocktails and watch sports. The interior is not really “italian” but nice, an assortment of wooden and colored plastic furniture. The light from a mix of lampions and candles is perfect and creates a good atmosphere for dinner.


The pizza is wood-fired, what you dont find all too often in our area, and served on a wooden plate what causes a rustic impact. Also the smell emanating from the wood stove ist very appetizing. They have around 20 different kinds of pizza on the menu, but you can also create your own one. Price range is between 50.000 rp and 85.000 rp (3,00-5,50 €) so almost local prices for european flavor. My favorites are pizza “Italia” (sundried tomatoes, ricotta cheese, black pepper and rocula salad) and “Sassarese” with eggplant and extra sundried tomatoes.
So if you stay in Canggu this restaurant is your best option if you are in pizza mood.


The upper-class nasi campur

Nasi campur (translated: mixed rice) is a traditional indonesian dish, wich you can find in many warungs all over Bali. It is composed of various dishes like chicken/beef/tofu in diverse styles and vegetarian stews/currys. A variation of the classic nasi campur you can find at Kzu in Seminyak (Jalan Drupadi 2 No. 80). The presentation is like the classic one in a glass cabinet from wich you can pick your favorite dish creations and add withe or red rice. Beside the the local dishes there are also western ones like lasagna, chickpeas or croquettes. The Price is not salutary but still ok, around 50.000-70.000 rp. (3,00-4,50 €) and the food is very delicious.



I tried red rice with tofu curry, indonesian spinach, mixed vegetables and a chicken spit.



I also like the style of the interior, it is a little bit industrial on two floors and big window front to the green backyard. So if you want to try a different option for the classic nasi campur with a european impact, this is the right place for you.